Heights Trampolining Club

Club Rules

Heights Trampoline Club

Code of Conduct

  • Do tell a coach if you need to leave the hall
  • Do have fun in a safe way!
  • Do ask a coach before playing any games on the trampoline
  • Do bring a drinks bottle of water to keep with you when spotting around the trampoline
  • Do tie long hair back
  • Do come ready to train in correct uniform (No jeans please or trousers with buttons)
  • Do welcome new members to the club in a friendly manner
  • Do tell a coach if someone upsets you or you feel bullied
  • Do not walk off when spotting. If there was a fire we may not know where you are! Plus someone may fall off. The Trampolinist should never get involved in 'Tests of Daring'
  • Don't jump onto the trampoline when someone is already on it, as this could be dangerous & disrespectful
  • No jewellery & no hair glitter
  • Don't spread mean rumours, or insulting someone by word or behaviour (particularly on the grounds of age, race, sex, disability, and religion or belief)
  • No mobile phones around the trampoline we will have an area for bags and phones
  • The Trampolinist should never swing under the trampoline or end decks
  • No food and drink is allowed around the Trampolining area. Bottled water only
  • Hard working and well-behaved and dedicated individuals will be more likely to be selected for teams, special events and the squad training when ready


Heights Trampoline Club Code of Conduct


Please tear off and return.


I have read and promised to adhere to Heights Trampoline Club code of conduct.


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DATE RETURNED_______________________________

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Heights Trampoline Club Competitive sessions Mini, Junior, Development and Elite Trampoline Squads Invite only


This is an invitationl squad group for those that wish to compete and develop to a higher level. These sessions are for members who we feel are ready for more serious training & are self-motivated to progress and do their conditioning. Please note if at any time a member wishes to stop competing we will offer them a different session to train in. Members must be able to attend from the beginning of the sessions and finish at the end.


Junior & Development Competitive Squad Requirements


A desire to compete when ready in Club and/or Regional/National competitions

Good attendance is expected at all times

A good positive attitude, will stretch and condition throughout the session, be enthusiastic, self-motivated

Ability Level Award 10 upwards and competition NDP Level 1 or at the clubs discretion

Clothing: Boys & Girls Squads Any Leotard, footwear, no jewellery, no baggy clothing!

Heights T shirts and/or Hoodies can be worn when not bouncing & warming up

Girls & Boys must tie Long hair securely back, 

Demonstrate good behaviour and listening skills

To train at least twice a week with progression to more sessions when required.

Attendance if more than 3 sessions are missed without a good reason spaces may be at risk. This is down to the Head Coach’s discretion


Elite Competitive Squad Requirements


Requirements: Elite Competitive Squad members should at least have skills up too Barani Ballout & ¾ Back Cody. Compete at NDP Level 4 upwards

Award 12 upwards. Attend extra squad sessions whenever possible


It is not compulsory to train in the school holidays, however at an Elite Level the more the Trampoline Gymnasts trains the more they should progress, and feel confident, along with other positive reasons. If a member is away or off please let your coach know as soon as possible and please ask about making up the missed sessions whenever possible


To Train at least 3-5 days a week in order to develop their skills & progress

Elite members will be working towards National Level of Competing


Parents to support - Support your child and offer encouragement, not coaching. We are happy for parents to watch and sit on benches or in the café. Please refrain from standing by the trampolines or behind the coaches as this can be distracting

Policies are enforced at the Head Coach’s discretion

Coaches are here to coach- Coaches are qualified and trained to the level they coach and follow ongoing support & training